All About Trinity

I am happy to announce that Trinity Taryn Ansome will be joining Roxeter as a Second Life Arts, Music and Culture Blogger. I asked her to write a post to introduce herself to our community and followers.

“Hello Everyone!

“Thank you all for taking the time to read a little about me. In this wonderful reality called Second Life, my name is Trinity Taryn Ansome. I’ve been a member of this wonderful world since August of 2010. Prior to this new opportunity here at Roxeter, I have acquired some job experience in Second Life, everything from event planner and coordinator to personal assistant. While in Second Life, I enjoy a vast array of activities. Some of my activity loves include shopping, touring, role play, visiting fashion exhibitions, relaxing on beaches and attending other social events.


Outside of Second Life, in the real world; I am a college student, video game enthusiast and avid reader. A couple of my favorite authors are Stephen King and Agatha Christie, and; there are very few days when I do not indulge myself in a game or two of League of Legends and Hearthstone. “Girls do it in all the lanes!”

“I am excited about my new opportunity here to meet people and explore more of this fascinating world that we all share. I also look forward to writing informative and interesting posts for you all to read and enjoy.

Much Love,

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