Chief Librarian

The Chief Librarian is responsible to maintain information available in the library and to organize and supervise literary events.

To achieve these goals, he or she will:

  • Find relevant content to place in the library, providing links to materials on the internet in the public domain;
  • Ensure that any material in the library in notecard form is placed there with the permission of the original author and is credited to the original author;
  • Organize readingsĀ from original works by authors in Second Life, either from one author, or in an open mic format;
  • Find qualified facilitators to lead creative/freelance writing workshops and/or classes;
  • Ensure that content and events meet Linden Lab’s Terms of Service for a moderate rated region;
  • Liaise with security staff to make them aware of the event so they might require coverage of it;
  • Promote library events by sending out notices in the appropriate writing groups and listing the event on the Second Life Events page;


Skills Required:

  • Strong writing and editorial skills.


Commitment Required:

This position requires a regular time investment and commitment, and is not for someone looking for a title without associated duties. If you are interested in being part of the library in a lesser role, please consider applying to be an assistant to the Chief Librarian.

If this position, or an assistant role, would be interest you, please contact Vivienne Daguerre in Second Life, or use the contact form on the About Us page.