Live Entertainment Manager

The Entertainment Venue Manager oversees the operation of the different live performance venues in Roxeter, including the Beach Concert Stage, the Park, the Pub, and assists the Gallery Curator with openings by recruiting a musical performer for gallery openings.

To achieve these goals, he or she will:

  • Scout out and recruit live performers in Second Life–musicians, comedians, live discussion facilitators, and inspirational speakers;
  • Match up performers with the appropriate venue;
  • Liaise with the sim owner and other groups on the sim to make a radio stream available if required;
  • Assist performers to set up, inviting to the land group to set out any objects they may require and ensuring there is sufficient land impact available to meet their needs;
  • Liaise with the Media Specialist for assistance with graphic needs or to arrange recording or machinima making if required;
  • Liaise with security staff to make them aware of the event so they might require coverage of it;
  • Ensure that performers are aware of the Terms of Service for a moderate rated region and that their performance complies with the TOS;
  • Promote events by sending out notices in the appropriate groups and listing the event on the Second Life events page.


Skills Required:

  • An appreciation of all forms of music and live entertainment.


Commitment Required:

This position requires a considerable time investment and commitment, and is not for someone looking for a title without associated duties. If you are interested in a lesser role, please consider applying to be an assistant to the Entertainment Venue Manager.

If this position, or an assistant role, would be interest you, please contact Vivienne Daguerre in Second Life, or use the contact form on the About Us page.