Gallery Curator

The Gallery Curator is responsible for organizing exhibitions and shows at the gallery in Roxeter, and events of interest to artists and photographers.

To achieve these goals, he or she will:

  • Scout out talented original artists and photographers in Second Life and approach them about showing in the gallery;
  • Organize a new show featuring one or several artists or photographers every month;
  • Ensure that the artwork is the original art work or photo by the person submitting it;
  • Ensure that the artwork or photo meets Linden Lab’s Terms of Service for a moderate rated region;
  • Provide events for artists and photographers to meet, share their work, and get constructive feedback from peers;
  • Provide educational events with established artists or photographers giving presentations on various aspects of their craft, such as care of brushes, use of glazes and mediums, color theory, or more specific or advanced topics;
  • Liaise with security staff to make them aware of the event so they might require coverage of it;
  • Promote gallery events by sending out notices in the appropriate groups and listing the event on the Second Life Events page;


Skills Required:

  • Some knowledge of art;
  • Experience as an artist or photographer;


Commitment Required:

This position requires a regular time investment and commitment, and is not for someone looking for a title without associated duties. If you are interested in being part of the gallery in a lesser role, please consider applying to be an assistant to the Curator.

If this position, or an assistant role, would be interest you, please contact Vivienne Daguerre in Second Life, or use the contact form on the About Us page.