Construction almost complete!


I know several of you are eager for construction to be completed and for Roxeter to officially open. The building of this web page is part of that construction, and it is now set to go.

What’s left? I have yet to put out Roxeter signs that when you click on them will give you a landmark, notecard, and url to this website. I will be putting out rental boxes for the houses. The rent will be low, the goal being not to make money from them, but to discourage people from leaving prims down on the sim, occupying a house and not being present for long periods of time, while others wait for the very limited housing.

The final piece will be the theatre, which is a large construction project. We can start things going as that is being built.

We are looking for people to run various parts of Roxeter. As sim owner and running my business in Second Life (which pays for it all), I find I have my hands full. No-one can do it all. We have a librarian and gallery curator, but we need someone to organize live performances of music, comedy, and perhaps even inspirational speakers. We will be looking for an active theatre group to make their home in Roxeter, and a theatre manager who would arrange for other theatre groups to come and perform occasionally. There are other possibilities, should someone be interested and step forward to take charge of them, such as Radio Station Manager, Contributing Bloggers, Roxeter Gazette editor, or religious groups.

We gladly offer to provide a venue for charitable groups, such as Relay for Life.

If you have any ideas or questions, please drop an IM to Vivienne Daguerre, or contact us through the contact form on the “About Us” page.

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