Introducing our Librarian!

Ercila Robbins is our Chief Librarian at Roxeter. I have known Ercila for a few years in Second Life. She is lively, adventurous, wickedly smart, and above all friendly. She has a knack for making attractive avatars and low prim decorating! I asked Ercila to introduce herself.

“Hi! I’m Ercila Robbins and I LOVE books! I was delighted when Vivienne allowed me to be the librarian at Roxeter.

“I have a BA in English and a JD. I am an author, poet, former journalist, and I have taught writing classes as an adjunct professor at my community college.

“I have been with Second Life well over eight years and I have enjoyed every minute of it. (Well, maybe not those minutes spent in heavy griefing.) I have made a lot of friends and have participated in literature discussions, writing sessions, and open mic poetry and reading sessions.

“If you have a group looking for a change of pace, a venue to host readings and book discussions, or just a place to hang out and enjoy the wonderful creative space of Second Life, come to The Roxeter Public Library. And if you want a quiet place to work on your award-winning novel, we have plenty of room to sit and write.

Enjoy your stay and be creative.”

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