Introducing our Live Entertainment Manager!

Freya For Roxeter

Freya Lovenkraft has taken up the challenge and position of our Live Entertainment Manager at Roxeter. She has given our beach concert stage a name, Zephyr Point Performance Center. I asked Freya to do a write up to introduce herself.

“Hello all! I’m Freya (aka freyaschild.lovenkraft). I have been in and out, ‘round and about Second Life for over seven years. I am a real life lover of the arts in a variety of forms, especially music. As a long time member of the SL community I am excited and grateful for the opportunity to give back.

“When I first came to Second Life I was in awe of all the possibilities that it held. Like a lot of people, I found a variety of outlets and support for different interests. People come to Second Life for a lot of reasons, but it’s the live entertainment and entertainers that has kept me coming back.

Snapshot_001“Hardly a day goes by that I am not inspired and moved by one of Second Life’s talented performers, and maybe even a little envious! I can only WISH I were that talented. I’m struck by the level of talent as well as their level of courage! We should all count ourselves as lucky that Live Entertainment is going strong here in Second Life.

“So the morning I saw the notice about Roxeter looking for someone to help out with their dynamic venture of promoting and facilitating Live Entertainment, of course I was interested! I like the goal we’re setting forth – have fun, promote fun, praise fun. Fun. Enjoy your Second Life. I was attracted to the concept right away.

“Feel free to contact me with suggestions or booking information. We have big plans for March, I simply cannot WAIT to get started! It will be an honor to help promote and celebrate these brave and accomplished individuals, I can only hope I do them justice.




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