Name the Gallery



We need a name for our gallery! I have considered two names, “The Gallery” or “Roxeter Gallery”. I know they are not very imaginative, so I am opening the door for suggestions. The gallery will host shows and exhibitions that will change on a regular basis, showcasing different artists or groups of artists.

Upstairs is a studio area where artists can park themselves to maintain an inworld connection while working in real life. Events could be held in the studio area, where a model might pose in the center, or a still life could be set up. Artists would work on a sketch or painting of the subject, and then upload their finished or partally finished work to share with others for feedback and comment.

To make a suggestion, please make a comment below, send an IM to Vivienne Daguerre in Second Life, or fill in the contact form on our “About Us” page.

Here are some pictures of the interior.

Snapshot_020 Snapshot_021 Snapshot_022

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