Our gallery has a curator and a name!

curator pic_red 1024Shakti Adored, artist in real life and well experienced gallery curator in Second Life, has taken on the position of Gallery Curator in Roxeter. She has named the gallery “Roxeter Place for the Visual Arts.”

I asked Ms. Adored to write up a an introduction of herself for the blog.

“Hello, I’m Shakti Adored, formerly angel Kingmaker of Angelwood Bay Arts Center.

“I have three years experience in the Second Life art world as an artist, curator and art broker. I have been inspired by galleries and communities such as The Rose Gallery of Angel Manor, the East River art village at Helvellyn, Alanis Gallery and Avalon Town, as well as countless artists I have met over the years.

“I have been owner and curator of four galleries before coming to Roxeter Place for the Visual Arts. All were my own until now. I loved the work and gave all I had.

“What I learned is that it takes a team. I longed to collaborate with other supporters of the arts. And so I look forward excitedly to be part of the Roxeter sim projects.

“Promoting and sharing art is my life. I am available often to assist and answer questions. I look forward to sharing a great deal of art and culture with patrons of Roxeter and residents of Second Life.

“The first show at Roxeter Place is planned to open the beginning of March. Its theme is “The Ides of March.”
It will be followed by a “Spring Fling” in April to May, and then we will settle in for some “Summer Fun” in June.

Yours truly,
Shakti Adored”

We are very excited about Shakti’s arrival in Roxeter and can’t wait to see her first gallery opening!

2 Responses to Our gallery has a curator and a name!

  1. Roxeter Place for the Visual Arts Opens This evening, March 1,2015!
    Featuring Sisi Biedermann and Talullah Winterwolf with some March Madness:)