Quartz. Amazing and talented live artist, lover of Star Wars, Star Trek and other geeky things; and his sidekick…erm Manager, DupliCat.

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Recently I got a chance to sit down with the amazing live musician Quartz, and his awesome manager/partner Duplicat. After having attended one of his live acoustic performances, I quickly joined the hoard of others and became one of his biggest fans.

Quartz describes his music as “Rock” and when asked what inspired, him he said “I’m pretty ‘One day at a time’, so I’d say my mood in the moment inspires me.” He enjoys an “easy does it, one day at a time” philosophy for life and so far, it seems to be working out for him.

Quartz at B&Q Dance CLub

In reference to the songs in his performances, he went on to say that he “sings them from an honest point of view instead of just creating a carbon copy.” Quartz seems like a very genuine artist and he says “If I’m not being genuine to myself, people would hear it in what I do.”

Quartz - Canadian On Top of the WorldThe life of a live performer can be rough though, but Quartz has his manager/partner Duplicat to help him through it all. “Q is a rock,” Duplicat said. “I do get frustrated when I see things that happen to Q, just more in regard to the plateaus.” With the ups and downs though, Quartz does what he can to provide all of Second Life with amazing live music. “But all in all, SL has been very good to Q. The venues are amazing–the owners, the managers, and the hosts. And the other artists here. OMG! They are so amazing. Everyone Q works for, works with and plays with are amazing. We are so grateful.”

Duplicat warned me before the interview that she had the gift of gab. But her words I feel sum it up and express how truly an amazing artist and his manager can feel about Second Life and the live music scene. They love their friends and want everyone to know that they love them, even though they keep a low profile. Duplicat went on to say “We care very much for all the people in our lives and just because we’re not in constant communication with them, doesn’t mean we don’t care.”

Last Show at Purelife 1


They send their thanks to Vivienne, Freya, and myself for sitting down with them. Though honestly, its me who thanks them for allowing me a few moments of their time for a candid interview; and a look into the talented, genuine artist that is Quartz. If you have not heard him; you definitely should. His schedule can be found here:  Quartz’s Schedule

You can follow Quartz on Facebook.

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