Roxeter Realty Offers Houses for Rent

Roxeter Realty Exterior

Roxeter Realty is open for business! You will find it on the market square. There are 6 homes in total for rent, each renting for 200 L per week with a land impact allowance of 100 prims. With the advent of mesh and the many talented mesh designers out there, you can do a lot with 100 prims! Each home has a water view. The homes are built by the very talented Barnesworth Anubis and must be seen to be appreciated. My tastes are very simple. I like only the very best!

To teleport to a house that might interest you, simply click on its picture in the Realty office. To teleport to the Realty office, click on the for sale sign in front of the house.

Roxeter Realty Interior

Roxeter Realty Sign

Rental boxes for each house are below its picture and have the house address floating in text above. For handy reference, you will find a map of the residential area on the wall.

Residential Map

There are only six so come and check it out before they are all gone!

Roxeter Realty:

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