At Roxeter, we prefer to keep the rules minimal and simple.

No public nudity

We are rated as a moderate content region. To change clothing, please go to your home if you have one in Roxeter or an area out of sight in a building.

No public sexual behaviour

If you have rented a home in Roxeter, please restrict any sexual behavior to your home. Privacy cannot be guaranteed, but to observe your behavior in your home a visitor would have to make an effort to focus their camera on you and would need to know how to do that.

No sexually active child avatars

Child avatars may not indicate in any way, through behavior or their profile, that they are sexually active. This means no child avatars on leashes, wearing BDSM collars or suggestive clothing, and no indication on their profiles and profile picks that they are “Daddy’s babygurl” or anything similar. If there is any indication on your profile, your group tag, or in any way a suggestion that a child avatar is engaged in age play or sexual activity, he or she will be reported to Linden Lab and banned from Roxeter.