Theater Manager

The Theater Manager recruits and organizes live performers in Second Life to perform at the Roxeter theater.

To achieve these goals, he or she will:

  • Scout out theater groups, dance groups, opera/musical groups and invite them to perform at Roxeter;
  • Recruit assisting roles and talents, such as set designers, costume designers, and scripters;
  • Maintain and organize a calendar of performances at the theater;
  • Assist groups performing at the theater to set up and meet their needs for performance;
  • Liaise with the sim owner and other groups on the sim to make a radio stream available if required;
  • Invite performers to the land group to enable them to set out required sets/objects, ensuring that there is sufficient land impact available to accommodate the needs of the performers;
  • Ensure that performances are in the public domain and do not infringe on Intellectual Property rights;
  • Liaise with security staff to make them aware of the event so they might require coverage of it;
  • Promote theater events by sending out notices in the appropriate groups and listing the event on the Second Life Events page;


Skills Required:

  • Experience in the performance community.


Commitment Required:

This position requires a considerable time investment and commitment, and is not for someone looking for a title without associated duties. If you are interested in being part of the library in a lesser role, please consider applying to be an assistant to the Theater Manager.

If this position, or an assistant role, would be interest you, please contact Vivienne Daguerre in Second Life, or use the contact form on the About Us page.